In the shadow of nature

Shadow of nature
We have an intimate relationship with the Nature. We are constantly living in the shadow of nature. Everyone, since their childhood has experienced the pleasant breeze of dawn, blind rain is still falling in everyone's mind, the game of aerial prop roots of Banyan Tree, little shadows hanging on the perimeter to aerial roots of banyan tree, the evolving wildflowers, the wild trees, the bushes involved in the branches. It was no time to set alarm in the watch that time. All of these magical memoirs of nature have darkened in our minds.

The colour on the wall is wiped out, but the dark green colour of nature is never wiped out. On the contrary, the colour becomes darker as we aged. Many words go into oblivion. But when the word of green dialect came to the lips, a green thigh appeared in front of the mind. When it rains, we forget about ourselves. In the evening, the lights go on in the heart and nature tends to tune into our tension. Relation of the trees and ours are since we born. We know a lot of trees such as Birch, Mango, Gulmohar, Tamarind, Chafa. The tree does not talk with us, but their body and mind are full of flowers and fruits. When we just touched the shy tree, it will dissipate itself. We have a close relationship with the tree. Our touch, our senses are familiar to  the trees. When the tree comes flowering, our mind are flowering, our hearts are flowering too. When mango is sealed, the ointment goes aroma. We lost in the shadow of trees.

Nature and our relationship are inseparable. When annihilation of nature begins, automatically, annihilation of mankind begins. 'Man and Nature' must live. The rivers are flows and it also enriches us with the flow. We have emotional connection with these rivers. Many rivers are dying today. The river should not be dead. River pollution is becoming a serious problem today. If there is a river then we are. We must renounce the hypocrisy of the river as mother and pollute the river itself. The river should be kept clean and beautiful only then can our lives be beautiful. 

We have a childhood friendship with birds, chimps, parrots, pigeons. There are close relationship with trees and birds. If there is tree then there are birds. Both are vice-a-vis. The sparrows don't seem like much today. Because, there is nothing left for the nest in the forest of cement concrete. Worrying is the disappearance of the bird and trees from day to day. As the rainy season start, we look forward to the rain. Our life totally depends on the rain. We laugh when it rains; we cry when rain disappear. Therefore, we need to be careful...more careful so that the rain does not disappear. Rain, Trees, Birds and The Sea, The Sky all are  fascinated and it feels like we are not alone. This tranquil journey, created from Nature and man's birth, is fantastic. Understanding this requires a relationship that passionate. It will not go unnoticed by the environment. Our life is moving fast. We set our footprints on the moon visible from the ground. The speed of a person's intellect is immense. It is hard to guess. As we move toward more and more material progress, we need seeds of Friendship, Humanity & Spirituality in our hand. As they sapling, become shadowed and shadows will form around us. It is as important as our appearance. It needs to be recognized. 

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