Living on borrowed lifetime

Life is fantastic. We are still living an adventure. Still having amazing experiences. Still making every day count. We have lived our life to it's greatest potential at every possible moment. We all are in hope that we are place and feel that we have achieved that goal to ascend to its next destination. On this plant we are culminates in an average life span of 75 years. But, this 75 years is not a big deal of time in the life of universe. As humans, it is our time to go when the time comes and we will never know what life that is; because time is not ours to control; as souls we have the ability to know if we pay attention. Borrowed life is all we have; we do not own time. It is not something we can control; it is a difficult concept to understand for most. As humans we are tied to past, living in our present and looking towards the future. We all are tied to a clock and forced to follow lifetime. We as a souls all have the ability to understand what I am saying- as a humans we are forced to live on borrowed lifetime at all. 

The amazing fact that we exist and we can observe and experience good or bad things is a much more sobering reminder than the thought that we can die at any moment or any day. It made us sad, because we find it hard to experience life as a gift. We are very grateful for what we have in life, but not necessarily for being alive in the first place. Suffering and difficulty makes it hard to see life as a gift sometimes. But, the worst than can happen is that we will lose it all, which is going to happen anyway. So, we can only look into the condition of living itself and see that fact that we can experience things and make choices as a gift. Every opportunity that come our way to experience a new activity. 

The universe is not at all sentimental- aliveness is always going to be an arbitrary status that can be revoked at any movement. How easily we find ourselves in moments we could not have pictured. For all the certainty unpredictable. Life really is not a right, in the cosmic sense at least. Life tends to suck us in the routines and familiar ways of thinking. Definitely, we are in the habit of gradually losing the perspective we gain in those moments. we also think about our death and frame our relationship with those who beloved to us differently. If we were to die tomorrow, what more can we want for on this beautiful, borrowed day?

Things like this do bring a different perspective on life. And it does make us feel grateful to be alive, albeit on borrowed lifetime..... "I am living now", rather than "I may be dead tomorrow". The two different faces of the life. Thinking about life and being aware of the present moment experiences that make up life are two different mental activities, and we have to do both. It is beautiful when we can realize this. This is borrowed lifetime, all of it. Would we rather give it back? We need to be cautious about imposing our biases on others- we all choose to use our borrowed lifetime in different ways and for different. Therefore, live every day like it's our last, because one day it will be. We must recognize its importance right away, and implores to never forget it. We never really appreciate the reality of death until it seems truly close. We can only feel what we are feeling. 

There is no "NATURAL" time for death, despite the fact that we all have expectations that "NORMALLY" we will live till we are old. Then when people die young, everyone describes it as tragic, as if that isn't supposed to happen. I am not saying it isn't sad and terrible, but what I want to notice is the assumption about life and death. We are mortal and that means we die, at any time. When we think abut our future we are constantly taking for granted that there's a certain number of years left. This great reminder about the impermanence of life. We have the illusion that people should only die in old age, but death can come at any time. We never know when it will be the last time. Most of the time we don't know it is the last time! So, eloquently put that we really are living on borrowed lifetime and we have no idea when payment is due. This is hardly a noble way to live. For those of us who are content with this life being all there is, a reminder to LIVE now is an important lesson. 

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