Call The Life

call the life
call the life
Can be life quotes? Is there any defined lifestyle? Why we unhappy with anonymous life? Why we are not happy with our life status? Just once, very authentically asks this question with you. You will be surprised because most of time an answer will 'NO'. The question is why this is 'NO' when life as we know it.  If we think of ourselves as being unhappy, we remain unhappy. We can become happy just by deciding to be happy. We are unhappy because there are some reasons for to be unhappy. Actually, we have decided to to be unhappy.  

Once we decide, immediately things are started happening because we creates our own climate, internally and externally. We are an owner of our life to carry a key to unlock the doors of happy and unhappy. Choice is purely ours that which key needs to carry. Just enjoy life as a happy birthday event. Make a life just like happy birthday song. React everyday just like when someone send you happy birthday wishes.  For happiness needs a little awareness, otherwise we can always lose it. So just remain happy and it is very simple if you are a little alert about this. Happiness in life is just like a seed, we have to allow it to enter, it has to be rooted. One day this little seed will become a big tree which change life absolutely. 

Call the life is a story for every individual, its a question about life. It is a question about ourselves. Everyone is disappointed in their life; just because we lost our enthusiasm, no happiness in our life at all. The hope is to better understand various approaches to the fundamental questions of life. This is tangible world, which is really external. There are so many pathways for make ourselves happy. Try to understand the conscious awareness. How to come to know the world around us? What is the nature of perception experience? Where we draw the line between cognition and perception?

Every day we face conflicts and contradictions. There are some bad people in the world, definitely you will get cunning and selfish people, but just ignore them. we are  bothering, just because someone speak anything and we listen it and minded it.  Daily great experience arise by and by, only needs to tune with life, needs to start the understanding the ways, the subtle ways of life. 

Just open your mind and heart. Enjoy every moment. Start living very natural life.  Life is really very spectacular, dramatic and fulfilling. Life is a beautiful journey to experience and enjoy with its full capacity, If you have controlled on your memory. Such memorable events will never come back in life. We all are gradually travel towards death. One day all are be passed away one by one. But, we can never enjoy our life after death and its an universal truth. We are still alive it itself sufficient. Why any complaint for such beautiful life? Life has power to echo, but only need to once call the life....!! Just once....!! 

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