A healthy respect for an uncertain reality

We become what we think. Whatever we consider as the ultimate, naturally all our energy turns to that side. There are different types of people in the world, there are different types of societies and circles. The biggest thing of human being is that to think a certain amount and certain level. So, naturally our whole life moves in that direction and relation. This question can arise in the mind of any curious person - what exactly should we do so? What can happen in life? The best answers for all these questions is spirituality. But interestingly, spirituality is not for wet cats. There are many questions which aeries in our mind. What is spirituality? How it is done? What is the path of spirituality? In-fact, spirituality is the name of process of knowing the meaning of our life. Through this, we recognize the hope and ease that helps in establishing inner peace in our life. Some people get spirituality by walking on the religious path. So, for some, music becomes a way of life and spiritual way. Some connect to nature and pacify their way of spirituality, and some seek spirituality within the ideas and rules of  life. No one can have a simple answer to this.

Spirituality experiences have also been described as involving a sense of another's presence. Even though such experiences may lack straightforward sensory content. Spiritual experiences take us beyond the routine world of useful toil and pleasant recreation, important and valuable though those things are;  which seems to reflect something richer, deeper and more awe-inspiring. Whenever, spirituality reflects in our own life, it would feel like we were being compelled by a force of nature to move away from the sounds, the lights, the people, to something more honest, purer in its expression. We know that body, mind and soul are related among ourselves. There has to be a balance between these three. In this vein, true spirituality is of self. Spirituality deals with the mind and the intellect but also the essence of life. If we can take any work of this world in our hands, then a possibility of our being spiritual may arise, otherwise not. If we have the strength and courage to do any work in the world and do it well. then we can possibly be spiritual. It is not for those who cannot do anything. Right now, this is what is sitting in the mind of the whole world, possibly in the mind of the human being, that they are worthless and inferior people. Those who do not deserve to do anything, they just do it by wearing a ocher robe and sit in the temples, churches, musjids and vihars. Their life goes awry. It is not spirituality; it is just begging to wear a uniform. If we conquer our consciousness, if we have to reach the peak of our consciousness, a beggar can never reach there. 

There are two types of beggars in world. One who are really spiritual and another who pretend to be spiritual. Here I specially would like to highlight about the Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha and people of that level are beggars of the highest category. All other settlers are beggars. I would say that a beggar on a road and a king sitting on a throne are both beggars. They are constantly asking for something from outside. The street beggar may be asking for money, food or income. The king may be asking for victory, happiness or some such unrestrained things in another state. Do you see, every person is begging for something? Gautama Buddha only asked for alms for his food, for the remaining things he was self-sufficient. All other people, don't just beg for one thing, don't beg their food, beg for everything else. Buddha's whole life is to beg only earn food, But as a spiritual person, he begging only for food, nothing else, he earns all other things from within himself. 

Being spiritual means being an emperor within yourself. Whichever way you feel better, stay that way. Live the way you believe living to be a powerful way of living. This is the only way to be. Is there any other way to be? Will a person, consciously, choose to be where he/she has to ask for something? He/she may have to ask for his/her pity, but will anyone choose do do so consciously? Wouldn't every man want to be in the way where he is 100 percent in himself/herself? This does not mean that we have to become completely self-dependent. Interdependence is always there, but everything exists within us; we do not have to search outside. We do not even need the companionship of any person. If the other person needs it, we can give it to him, but in itself. We do not need any companionship of any person's companionship. This means that we are  o longer a beggar from the inside. Only for external things, may be we have to go outside the world. This is the ultimate liberation. Remember that every person is different and it is also possible that the thing which comes to one person may prove to be right for the other. So, choose the rules according to you convenience and ease. Identify the things that make you feel inner peace, ease, strength, love and connection. 


  1. Thank you for beautifully laying out the multiple facets of spirituality. It is vital to understand each. A great read.

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