Mankind are stupid - you can't fix stupid

Mankind are stupid - you can't fix stupid

The title of this journal post is by choice ambiguous. It's strange to know that mankind concerned with dog's life. The whole  post is nothing however  the lifetime of group. Group of whole mankind. On that level the group goes? Strange things are until happening in era. During this  digital ocean our education, data ought to be achieved at the utmost level. However, sadly, mankind area unit additional disposed to suffer. Group area until larger gainer by suffering and group area unit at a stake currently. 

Are group animals? Many of us do not appear to believe that they live their life as a 'DOG's LIFE'. Why are people so stupid ? No doubt, on top of statement is irritating, however, it's truth. What makes this strange ? will  consciences be wrong? It co-jointly goes against our own consciences. Here, it's pertinent to notice that within the previous couple of hundred year, we have a tendency to wholly injury surroundings. Resulted, modified  the most effective look of nature.  All over we will see the plastic waste, cutting of trees with none care. Area unit surroundings variable cases sensitive regards to mankind? Poorness is additionally curse to mankind. From morning to nighttime solely political, murder, rape information on media. Did group die? Did group lost habitat for humanity ?Positively, we've not a soul of human, we have a demon's soul.  You can't fix stupid.

Just suppose seriously, however will aged persons conceive to rape on 2-12 years old girls? however will somebody seize youngsters and sell their organs or create them beggar? However will somebody attempt force to ladies for prostitution? However will somebody attempt to acid attack? This is crazy and stupid love. Is that this extremely group nature? Does one spell the precise definition of mankind? Does one spell the humanity definition ? This can be not only 1 issue. There area unit numerous burning problems that area unit wholly against group and still we called ourselves citizens of humanity. This can be not lifetime of man; this can be DOG's LIFE ....!! And curiously, we have a tendency to all area unit terribly proud to feel ourselves as an individual's. We play stupid games wins stupid prize. Is that this statement fake? It's higher to mention that dogs area unit additional loyal to human. We have a tendency to live  within the twenty first century, wherever, group ought to be utmost level. Our consciences level ought to air the highest. However, wherever area unit we have a tendency to now? Such a things area unit extremely against attribute. This has serious consequences, starting from the means within  which we have a tendency to see ourselves and our place within the cosmos to what variety of philosophy of life we'd adopt. 

We should initial perceive the environmental behavior of mankind? Men sleep in constant anguish. Still we have a tendency to aren't self aware. There's no fastened style for the way an individual's being ought to be and no God to give us what songs defines your life. Solely group is answerable for everything he will. Therefore, got to process ourselves by extension humanity, fall squarely on our shoulders. We've the selection to require action to become who we wish to measure. Every alternative we have a tendency to create defines what is humanity. Everything has been puzzled out, except  the way to live. We have a tendency to don't recognize what we wish and nonetheless we have tendency to area unit answerable for what we have a tendency to are - that's the very fact.  

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