Jammu & Kashmir an Existing Expressions

It is my pleasant duty to wish you all Indians pertaining the historical victory of Jammu & Kashmir. We all Indians are really wanted the Integral India including Jammu & Kashmir. No wonder, how we suffering from terrorists who fail miserably on intellectual and moral front of our brave Indian Soldiers. We are proud of our integrity including Jammu & Kashmir and we talk about it to the world, because unfortunately, in last 70 years the condition in Kashmir Valley has deteriorated.

The need and an idea to take action on Jammu & Kashmir is because of the TERRORIST ORGANISATION forced the Hindu residing in the Kashmir Valley to flee and become refugees. Migration continued until a vast majority of the Kashmir Pandits, were evicted out of the valley after having suffered many act of violence, including sexual assault on women, arson, torture and extortion of property. The fragile tourism industry in Kashmir has taken another blow with the death of a tourist hit by stones and the sector fears that the incident may further affect the already falling footfall in the troubled valley. Leaders across the Jammu & Kashmir spectrum including political parties and separatists groups, today condemned the disputed subject (Article 370). How much blood will have to be shed in Kashmir before the Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi realizes the gravity of the situation in J&K ?? When will enough finally be enough?

It is rumored that Indian Security Forces assaulted civilians during search operations, tortured and summarily executed detainees in custody and murdered civilians in reprisal attacks. But, our brave Indian Army claims that 97% of the rumor about abuse have been found to be fake or motivated based on the investigation performed by the Army. Our Indian Army has always lived in this strong self-belief that regardless of what anyone says or does, it has always won the hearts and minds of people in insurgency hit areas. Our army believes that Jammu & Kashmir is our own story and is on test now which can not be let slide back. Over the last three and a half decades that the army has been deployed in the valley and the Army is, today, a part of daily life in Kashmir. New generations of Kashmiris have grown up living next door to terrorist camps. Our Indian Army is not only well entrenched but it is also believes it has an effective story to stand for and fight for, one that it has nurtured and protected despite political upheavals in the last three decades. Our brave Indian Army doesn't enjoy killing, but if anyone wants to fight us then we will fight against them with all our force.

Last but not the least, it a really historical victory to turn a state into a Union Territory and once again many many congratulation to all my Indians. Request to all Indians, kindly share my expression, if you thinks deem fit in favour of Indian Integrity.