Hurting that's worth it

It is true that man is a social creature and there is nothing wrong with wanting good friends circle, society, relatives. We all want to be surrounded by people who understand and respect we for who we are, but we are spending our entire life hiding who we truly are. It is understandable that people might hide their opinions because they don't want to be alone. Because we are scare away all the people we are not compatible with. If we can't have an open, honest, rewarding conversation with other people then why would we even bother getting to know them?

We are living according to other people's needs, and not our own. We are not expressing our own personality and we are not living our own life. We are being a copy of someone else and a shallow shell of our environment's expectations. Honestly, we might as well just kill ourselves at this point because we are not a real human anyway. We are a zombie by choice. We were given the gift of intelligence, but we chose to throw it away in order to lead the most comfortable non-conflict existence possible. And it's really sad.... really very sad. Life is conflict, so we need to learn with conflict. 

If we really don't want to be a ship, need to kill our need for validation. Stop looking outwards and start looking inwards. Main thing is just to learn being ALONE. because the most important thing in life is getting along with everyone. If we really enjoy our own life; we won't be desperately addicted to the company of others. This isn't a matter of having good self-esteem, this is a matter of not wasting time. Just think a while that individually we are going to die. Can we guaranteed that there is a life after death? Most possibly answer will be 'NO'. The only guarantee you have is a life before death. So the only reasonable thing is to attract substance here and now within ourselves only. 

This is no exaggeration that there are too many idiots in the world, we really don't need of them in our immediate social circle. As it's core it is about getting the most out of life and in order to do this we first must realize ourselves, the worth of ourselves. Until and unless we know the value of making ourselves, we are not guaranteed a happy Disney life. It is our spiritual right making ourselves happy by having the right opinions, having the right things and making the right life choices. Actually, it is a very real thing and we stupid don't know how to live life according to our own pleasure and interests. 

It doesn't matter whether or not we stand up for our values. But fact is that we will hurt because we are wasting our life living it for other people unnecessarily. When we realize this hurting, when we understand this hurting; then we can grow as a person and get more out of life. What we need to understand is that LIFE IS HURTING, SO CHOOSE A HURTING THAT'S WORTH IT. 

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