Wholly opened your heart

Does open heart cover the whole filed of life? Or it is something totally apart from life? Life being business, politics, sex, pleasure, ambition, greed, envy, the anxiety, death, fear, all that is our life. Yes, something interesting is in our heart and that something is much more sensitive, much more alert to beauty, more close to nature. That something will gives us an energy to live. But unfortunately, our lives are not full of energy, because we have burden of the others. One desire against another desire. One thought opposed to another thought. One achievement opposed to another achievement. And there is no control of such unnecessary burden. Is there any way to live burden free life? Yes, definitely, it is possible to live without burden, because the burden is controllable by ourselves. Surprisingly this burden nothing but our 'THOUGHTS'. Our unnecessary thoughts are the creation of burden. Our heart burdened with the past. Our heart is no-take if we have any burden. There is no sense of being awake when there is any kind of fear in heart. If we live with burden, if our actions are neurotic; there is no state of being awake. So, we have to enquired and we can only enquire by becoming very sensitive to what is happening in our heart and outside heart.

we bearing a burden of past, therefore, we are not awake to the present. The background of our past, of our experience, of our failures, our hurts, our depressions, therefore the past is dominating and putting us to sleep now. This unconscious sleep is just like a narcotic. Past is necessary, but it should be just like a rear mirror. Our past fragment controls our present fragment, and yet therefore, fragments remain in our heart. But, there is a way, and the way is just opened our heart. Why we waste our energy for carrying unnecessary and absurd burden anymore. Interestingly, we are not carry our own past burden, we carry other's burden too. Every individual stick with the mentality that others burden is my burden and it is a tremendous fact in human experience.

All the times, we are carrying over of what others have said, and other's experiences, other's illuminations, other's enlightenment, and so on. So many religions, philosophers, gurus are all over the globe, everyone having their own aspects, but yet to get happiness. Our heart free to flow, or swim without any obstacle of religion, unwanted teaching of so called Gurus. First of all, need to open our heart, divorced from daily living, concentrate the daily conduct, the daily desires of fulfillment, ambition, greed, envy, the daily competitive, imitative, conforming spirit, the daily appetites, sensual, sexual, other forms, intellectual and so on. When we open all the doors of our hearts, we open all of our hearts to real and lasting happiness. Not merely allegiance or obedience, but affection, devotion and joy too. Trust  in ourselves with all our open heart and do not lean what others blame. Confirm on your own understanding, it doesn't matter where it is wrong or right and make yourself very clear. 


  1. Fact of life..........

  2. Truly agrees with the thought no need to hear unnecessary talks of Religious guru live on Today be your own Guru