Bless with enjoy

Bless with enjoy
Bless with Enjoy
It is very easy to say and hear enjoy every day. Actually the philosophy to enjoying everyday  is so mysterious that it is not applicable to everyone. But, one thing firmly we can say that it is a movement from our own thinking about life to letting though be thought by life. Enjoy every day is a purely practical philosophy. No one will be representing this on behalf of us. Once you know the exact philosophy of enjoy, indeed it can help us get better in touch with what happens in life, strengthening our relationship with life and its core aspects.

Everyone has bless with a life, but no one owns his or her life. Therefore, in order to do so, we must pay attention to life more cautiously and also adopt the taste of crucial living of life. A philosophy of enjoying every day itself aim to taste life in all its richness, even when we encounter setbacks. out desired achievements are never seeming enough? We unnecessarily strive for living without enjoying life because of the feeling of not being, having or doing enough. This consumerist culture rooted in our daily life deeply. We measure our status with wealth, fame and material happiness. In-fact, we are living in a world of overabundance and lost enjoying, feel life in every aspect. The concept of enjoying every day recognizes that we already have enough to bring happiness, it creates an understanding of what we really need to enjoy life. It allows us to be happy right now. Not when we get a new job or get a fame or wealth. "ENJOY" is a brand of happiness that doesn't rely on future based promises. We cannot be happy right now if we are worried about what is next.

We have more than enough to meet our basic needs of food, warmth and safety. we are surrounded by the latest gadgets and newest technology, we have closets full of clothes, our food is fast, convenient and mass-produced; our houses are stocked with labour saving devices, we have easy access to more information than we could ever need or want, we have employment opportunities and sufficient financial resources to live comfortably. 

Yet, despite all of this, many of us still don't feel happy and not seems to enjoying life. We are convinced that if we could just get the next "THING", our lives would be better. So, if having, doing, and being more is not the answer to happiness ....