A forgotten path to someone else

Forgotten path
Our love for life, however full and strong. We plant in the land of life in faithfulness, with all our hearts and our soul rejoice in doing it good. It is generous portion of life that it is full of rejoice if we love with utmost capacity. But, unfortunately, in this throat cut era, none of us loves neither life, nature, humanity or even friendship with open hearts now, no not one. We all know our own love enough to feel the impossibility of loving with all our hearts, souls, minds. We know we need to give life more of our hearts, but we deceive ourselves. Our hearts are also transform when we experience our own life. Many of us are half hearted. When we stare into our trouble, we can be tempted to turn to ourselves. Tragically, we often trust ourselves more than Life precisely in the moments we need most. We are never try to sit alone with life, our own life.... just sit alone with life, heart comes out of the shadows into fuller light. We will see more clearly that we are getting eternal happiness. As our thoughts are wandering, we witness how divided our hearts really are. Our love, humanity, friendship formed our life, and yet we often treat life like an operator. Our joys, sorrows and anxieties in life are less likely to drawn our soul away from life. When we truly love humanity, however, all of our lives are flavoured and increasingly purified by one passion. One thing we should have always asked to ourselves that all the days of our life, to gaze upon the beauty and able to say only one thing - the thing above all things - to see and enjoy the life and its glory. Our passion for life is too often flags. Light a relentless fire in the life and throw self into light with whole hearted. Just ask to life for return all joy in our heart. Confessing our failures with open hearts. 

There is a reason for living a life. It embraced both sides, the pros and cons. We perceived happiness as terribly one sided, opposed to negativity and sadness. We viewed happiness towards life as a one dimension. There is no rules in life towards happiness and enjoy. There are no rules as to experiencing life. There is no right or wrong answers. Our values, our love, our humanity, even our friendship, in essence, dictated how we see the life. Being true to life and ourselves will produce more results than any hype of delusion. Life does not want us to obey simply because we're afraid of what might happen if we don't. Life wants us to obey because we want to obey- from the heart. Life's law is often hard, but life wants us to obey, not against our will. Because our will is increasingly conformed to core aspects of life. There is passion for life's glory. Inflame a burning in us for life. 

Our love for life will falter whenever we seek our joy elsewhere apart from ourselves. Cause our love to grow stronger and fuller by sending our joy in us soaring ever higher. Let us come boldly before - not hiding or making any excuses. Let us not be like the wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind. Blow away the distractions - by helping us enjoying with all our hearts. In truth, if we were not empowered in one aspect of our existence, we would most probably over powered or give up our power of happiness to something or someone else.