Beware ...Smiles are contagious !

Always smile
A Man was passing through a garden, thousands of flowers were blooming in the garden. All the flowers were smiling. The sight of that garden was like a paradise. The man went to a flower and said, "Friends, you will get lost in a few days, you will find it in a few days. You still keep smiling, you keep up with so much freshness, why?

Flowers say something............

In this, a butterfly floated from somewhere and sat on the flower. For a long time, the butterfly enjoyed the freshness of the flower and then flew. 

After a while, a flame came and the sweet music roamed around the flower and then sat on the flower and  scented and flew again.
A bee swirled and sat down on the flower, after receiving fresh and fragrant pollen, the bee was very happy and went flying to make honey.

A small child came to play with his mother in the garden. His heart was very happy after seeing the flower blooming. He touched the flower with gentle hands and became happy again in the game.

Now, flower told the man - see, it is right for the moment but my life has not given such happiness to many people. In this small life, I have smiles on many faces. I know that this is what I have to get in this soil yesterday, but this soil has given me this freshness and fragrance, then I have no complaints from this soil. I smile, because I know smile, I bloom because I know how to feed. I do not have the grief of my fondness. 

After me, there will be a new flower in this soil again, again this garden will be fragrant. Neither will this freshness stop nor will these smiles. This is life. A little smile on your friends, family, relatives can also bring smiles to the faces of many people. Always smile, life will continue. Today you are tomorrow your place will be someone else.

Smile...! It makes everyone feel better because they consciously or unconsciously are smiling with you. May be that's why Amazon keep their logo smiley. There is wonderful freedom and grace in realizing the smile. It is not finite that in reality. Consider how to make yourself smiley and another smiley as well. It may seem intuitive that helping others goes along with a meaningful and smiley life. 
If not now then when?

Those who feel like their lives smiley are more motivated to help others. You reflect on your emotional feelings and then you generate some sort of recognition. 

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