Well Being Of All

We were all humans until, religion separated us, politics divided us, wealth classified us and race disconnected us. Since the universe is an organic whole, governed by cosmic order, all human being must be treated as fellows. Secondly, as human nature all over the world is same. It is irrational to consider some persons as brothers and others as enemies. We spend billions of dollars to find life on other planets and trillions of dollars killing the life on this earth. We must prepare the ground for the intuition that all men are equal.

Further, for the sake of humanity the ideal of "WELL BEING OF ALL" ought to be incorporated. Global humanity requires the performance of those actions which are based on self analogy. If we adopt it is the guiding principles of our actions, social disturbances can definitely be reduced. We are living in a very crucial age, Ideological extremism, religious authoritarianism, extreme patriotism, etc. leads to intolerance and fanaticism and these rob people of their ability to engage in dialogue.

I do not claim that foregoing description is comprehensive and exhaustive. Nevertheless, I believe that it a step towards formulating a moral philosophy of global humanity. In the end, I invite you to "walk together and speak in concord", let our minds comprehend alike, let our efforts be united, let our hearts be in agreement, let our minds be united, only then we all may be happy"

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