Life is what we make It.

The topic of this post is about what do we want in our life. How we make our life? How much fun do we have in our life time? Everything is going in our life on its way. But suddenly our life is in a mess becuase our life is not an AMAZON ONLINE SHOPPING. We try to find out every aspect for betterment in a disturbing situation and blame to our destiny.

Life is what we make it is not easy question and perhaps we spend most of our time avoiding to know the basics of life. Resulted, we miss the joy of life. We don't always know what we like. Joy of life, enthusiasm is not necessarily get with born. it has to be earn. You have to cultivate and discover your life what is that makes you tick. Skill and mastery are as essential to happiness as many other things.

When you ponder this answer, do you consider things? Do you want to make a difference? What is your dream? A lot of people have trouble answering these questions.

At this point it's worth turning the question over to you that - is it time to stop and consider - Do you really want these things? Are these part of your philosophy of life?

You don't need to figure out your philosophy by the end of this blog. In fact, it may take you years to figure out. In any of these efforts, however, is the question you might consider answering:
What will you do with your life and how do you what that life to be lived?