Knowing Yourself First

Life is pond of emergencies and everyone has faced it everyday. Frequency of emergencies may be variable. Just to face problems, difficulties in our life needs to self-improvement. Self-improvement based on the philosophy of "KNOWING YOURSELF FIRST" throughout whole life. If you want to create happiness, if you want to create a unique life for yourself, rules of self-improvement need to be followed. Self-Improvement enables you to be more valuable to those around you. It may be for your child, for your friends or for your community. Foundation of self-improvement is your character. Here character means know to yourself. Your self-persona is getting you with born, it cannot be changed. Your entire character depends upon how you respond with your emergencies, problems, difficulties. Further, its depends upon how you react. to create a unique character, you should have nurture yourself. You have to strong desire to making yourself into the person you want to be. We all are really hard worker, but definitely something is missing to develop self-improvement. That missing things is persistence and preparation.

In childhood, we all are heard a beautiful story of lion which reflects the moral of self-improvement. 

There was newly born lion cub. Mother lion dies soon after giving birth. The new born lion cub confused what to do and he go into nearby field and mingles with a heard of sheep. Mother sheep sees the lion cub and love him as its own. Gradually, lion cub grows up along with the other sheep and start behave just like a sheep.

But, one day, an older lion from a far off jungle sees the heard of sheep and decides to attach it. while attaching, old lion sees the young lion running away along with the other sheep.

After seeing this, old lion questioning himself why this young lion run with sheep? Why he is behaving like sheep? Older lion decides to stop chasing the sheep and pursues the younger lion instead. He pounces on younger lion and growls asking why running away with the sheep?

The younger lion with fear says, "Please don't eat me, I am just a young sheep. Please let me go!" Upon hearing this, older lion shouted, What's a nonsense! You are not a sheep, you are a lion, indeed just like me!" The younger lion simply replies to older lion that, " NO, I am not lion. I am Sheep, Please let me go". But, the older lion was experienced. He get an idea. He drags the younger lion to a river nearby and asks to younger lion to look at reflection. Upon looking at the reflection, the younger lion much its own astonishment realizes who it really who he is , he roars at utmost capacity. the roar echoes from all the corners of the jungle and after hearing his roar all the sheep hiding behind the bushes flee away. No longer will the sheep be able to make fun of the lion or even stand closed to it for the lion had found its true nature. 

Here, I would like to say that the older lion represents for the self-awareness, and water presenter for self reflection. Just like the younger lion, we might have been brought up in surroundings that were negative and we accumulated many negative beliefs about ourselves. This negative influences on us from bad parenting, bad teacher, bad peers, media, government and even society too. But, as an adult and experienced one, we all are needs to love ourselves in negative thoughts without blaming the past. This will definitely keep you stuck in the current reality. Only one thing you have to done that is start working on your inner self and focus all your energy towards self-reflection. 

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