Trouble in life - Dreams of desire

We are inquisitive by nature looking for the meaning and purpose of a fundamental question for the existing. Everyone wants to play a game for it and everyone wishes for it. But, there is no life without trouble. Interestingly, it starts when we are born. Gradually, we have face many problems in life and it will be difficult for  life if the  problems are not resolved in time. Life is hard, it includes physical suffering, mental anguish, war, hatred, anxiety, despair, conflict etc.  The problems of life are so important that humans try desperately to overcome them and avoid them. However, mere words can't express the depth and intensity of suffering in human life. Sometimes, life does not seem worthy due to trouble. 

Just consider those who are  starving, imprisoned, tortured and suffering unimaginably. Just think of the people who work hard in the summer and rainy season for their bread and butter. How much trouble they have, then they are also alive and struggling for  survival. Think of  the orphaned children sitting on the side of the road, who do not even get the bread for a day. What can explain the problems of such a life? There are many people in this world who have been suffering from some disease for years. But still everyone wish to live, no matter how troublesome life may be. Because life can be dull without any trouble. If there is no trouble, there is no life. Seriously, look around, we are very lucky to get everything. So  many people in the world who do not get food for even a single time. Are we really facing this problem in life? Trouble, sorrow, suffering in life is a universal experience. Even the smallest insect realize this. 

Everyone goes through this process; this is the untold truth of life. It is part of being alive. But, it is a terrible thing for most of us as we dream of desire with the unknown. We live with such false dreams that, my sorrow is the highest; I am the most afflicted in the world. Unfortunately, we failed to get a grip on our lives. We have always refused to believe that the lives of others can also suffer. The suffering of others is as valuable as one's own. Our troubles or struggles are just a response to understanding life. When we really feel it, it doesn't matter what we do. If there is humility in the world for good things, then the first right should be for the suffering of us and others. We are always polite to our mother because she had taken pains to born us, but we never express our humility to the mother of others. Because, her suffering is not important to us. We should be kind to such troubles in life, not only for self but for others too. Only then our yield will be better than others. The troubles of our life will have to be tested better. 

This means that we must use our knowledge and experience to understand them properly. to experience this one must definitely be connected to the roots of life truth. A life is of any value, life that has some value. Although the life of all is precious but life should not be valuable. Every life that is devoid of the experiences of pain and discomfort, such a life of cheapness does not reach you anywhere. Yes, there is a consolation itself, but the building of life stands on cement and bricks, not on paper. By taking the cheapness of life, we all kepp fighting for our success as competitors in the world markets. One whose life is really worth something, he does not feel the need to beat his success. for such a man, his own pain and the pain of another is now one. That life is precious, anyone who thinks seriously about this matter. 

This is social stability. A very small thought of ours can make our life explode, which can erase the chaos of life. No argument is needed to prove this. Just a little experience needs to be looked into deeply. When the price of life falls below a certain point, life invariably falls into what we call collapse. This is a situation in which we do all that is necessary to survive, but by becoming a corpse. It is very surprising that it is impossible for us to achieve even the most common conditions of our existence. There is not much stability and honesty left in our life and then it should be assumed that our life is a life of failure, which is surrounded by the grave of misery. The organization of our  so-called society also tries to continue and  intensify this trend, rather than reduce it. Because, every   society has a crowd where people do not like to be seen by the dignity of the person. All the societies we create prevent any person from doing new experiments on him. Our whole society gives us a lesson of morality, but prevents us from being ethical. 

We can just numb ourselves with mindless entertainment to deal with the inevitable suffering of life. But we will never get true happiness or purpose from such escapism. We take responsibility for our own lives, if we avoid false solutions and accept our position and then we can definitely make our lives valuable. There is no doubt that the emotional nature doubles the happiness. And it would be  fair to say that these are proofs of philanthropy. For us deer and wold alike should be commendable. Because the law of nature is neither moral nor immoral. Not everyone suffers from questions about the meaning of life, but some are. Circumstances in which one  asks about the meaning of life and seeks to find some unity in all diversity; it wants to know how to live a meaningful life then our life is incomparable easy. All these questions are to reduce our suffering and maximize happiness? It should be welcome. It is a good way to see your life. It is easy to live in this mindset in the era in which we live. We have everything available with money. This conservative lifestyle will surely give us pain and anguish in order to live in constant zeal and to find ourselves in our quest because we have lost the meaning of struggling through life. We are so pampered and want everything to be faster , cheaper, better-more, more and more. 

We have come into the world and go without being grateful, without knowing how life can be experienced. If we commit ourselves to being where we are, then our experience becomes very vivid. How can I be fully aware of what I am and is it possible to discover the true significance of my existence independent of other humans? By looking at ourselves in relation to other human beings in society, we can determine our sense of dignity and establish our place in the world. 

Last but not least, change the perspective and deal with problems because every problem has its solutions. 


  1. Very good post. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  2. The writing is very good and sad after reading it.

    1. Thank you very much for your comments. I know article is presenting deep sadness, but truth is always bitter and just try to put up as I saw it.