Unseen tears - Trail of tears

The gift by God is our life. Life means everything, anything we feel, realize including a lot of sufferings. We suffer because we attached with the things and people which we love. Sometimes our expectations change or inevitably fail to meet. Resulted, we are hurt, disappointed and profoundly discouraged.

The title of this blog post is intentionally ambiguous. It is about the story of tears, the unseen tears of father. It is the story of trails of tears. It is purely in the name of father We cross a long distance to become modern father. Once upon a time when there was a terror of father. But, now time has changed, today fathers are play a role of friend. In spite of this there are conflicts arises. is it sins of the father ? Fathers are different kinds and their relationship with their children. 

One of my best colleague, lived with his wife and children very happily. He faced every struggle for betterment of his family. But suddenly, he looks very upset.  He never share anything. I, strongly known that there is something wrong. I asked him so many times, but he avoid. But, one day he expressed all his pain. I saw he wants to cry, but he could not did that. He tried to hide the love of his kids which is filled in his eyes. What was the trail of tears ?

He always gives a moral education to his kids. He himself also abide with this. But, he shocked when he knows that, his 17 years old daughter fall in love. She did not completed her schooling properly, nor learned any technical education or any vocational education. Her father many times warn her to concentrate on study and enjoy life after stable. After counselling to daughter and her boyfriend, they break their love. But, issue once again raised when her boyfriend threat her.  The guy once again proposed her. For safer side my colleague counsel her not to go outside. But, how many days he will keep her at home? Moreover, he think that what happen if lover boyfriend will do any wrongful way??

Actually, I feel that there are very fine fiber between the relations of father and daughter. Father has so many fronts and very special feelings for his daughter too. Specially, when he is the father of the bride. Every daughters feel a sense of security with their blood father. To maintain the disciple with soft feeling is not only challenge to father but also it is a part of his existence.  I am talking about the facts regarding to the unexpressed feeling of father that everyone knows. 

I know that father is not a strong person anymore. Crying amongst men, is viewed as a sign of weakness. But, father wants to cry. Whole life our father prayer for us, because father knows the best.  His unseen tears wants to rolls down. But no one can see that trail of tears except father self. 

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