When life gives you lemon.

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What is life ? What's life's philosophy ? What's the meaning of life ? This can be an issue to that nobody has ready to offer an correct answer until date. Somebody calls it a ocean of sorrow, some think about it  a present of happiness. Dramatist aforementioned that life could be a theater and that we area unit the artists of this theater. Everybody sees life with their own perspective, some says life could be a game, somebody says life could be a gift given by God, somebody says life could be a journey, somebody says life could be a race and a lot of. 

Life is way shorter than we tend to fanciful it to be and human's life could be a game of choice of thoughts as well as positive and negative thoughts. Each positive thought brings along side it several different friends and every  one negative thought bring with it several enemies. The fundamental mantra of this game is that once we incessantly opt for. Negative thoughts, we tend to get won't to it. Once we have a lot of friends and also the range of enemies is a smaller amount, then we tend to incessantly win this game. Once we win this game, we tend to begin doing smart. Those who learn to play this game become successful/self made and those who don't perceive this game square measure  doomed. 

Friends,  can we apprehend the means of our life? However would we all know the  purpose of our life? Indeed, it is not a game for bad boys for life. it's a gacha life. We tend to never precocious as a second life. It's not about our job, or our daily responsibilities or our long term goals. I mean the real reason that we tend to square measure here- the rationale that we tend to exist. Or may be we tend to square measure an atheist assume that life has no purpose, and life has no means and it doesn't matter. 

To take care that there is no purpose of life doesn't stop from discovering it, even as not being positive in gravity cannot stop from wandering. Not being positive, it will take a bit longer to know this and possibilities is that if we tend to believe that there's  no purpose of life. Life is simply precisely sort of a song, it's depends on what song defines your life. Question is how to save a life lyrics. Simply overlook at your encompassing and raise concerning life, the standard question are I don't know what to do with my life. For those folks it appears to be penalty, However long could be a life sentence. you will able to enjoy life as a lemonade, once life provides you lemons. 

By telling a short story concerning Bruce Lee. A martial creative person asked Bruce Lee to show everything he realize martial arts. Bruce Lee took 2 cups jam-packed with water and aforesaid, "The initial cup is no matter you recognize concerning Martial Arts. The second cup shows my data of Martial Arts. If you wish to fill your cup with my data, initial you have got to clear the data of your cup." If anyone wish to grasp the real purpose of their life, then all the wasted motives instructed as well as that there's no purpose in life. Initial have to be compelled to start up of our mind. But, the question is however can we all know the aim of our life ( Meaning of life)? Though there square measures many ways to seek out this, however, a really easy methodology that anyone will adopt. The lot of you expect it to figure, the quicker it will work for you. However, notwithstanding you do not expect abundant from it, or do one thing doubt on that, assume that it's stupid. It's a waste of your time. It will work for you, simply got to sustain with it - affirmative, it will take it slow. Some folks can notice this exercise absolutely appropriate, some folks are crap. No matter is that the stir in our mind concerning the life and since of our social learning, wrong answers can return from our memory and mind. However, once we get the proper answer, we will notice that this answer is coming back from a very completely different place. those who have gathered at the terribly lowest level of their awareness can take an extended time to induce all the incorrect answers. But, if you continue then you will get the solution which can increase your feelings, which can cause you to cry. If you've got never done this before, you would possibly notice it terribly silly.  

Let it be, but do it. As you undergo this method, a number of your answers can look terribly similar. Could also be you get some such answers within the middle which can cause you to a bit emotional, however they'll not cause you to cry-plow ahead by highlight such answers. So, that later you'll be able to come to them and build new totals. every answer represents a neighborhood of your purpose. However, isn't complete in itself. Once you begin obtaining such answers, it means you are obtaining readying. Simply keep moving forward. The ultimate answer is : Live life with awareness and spirit, adopt love and kindness, awaken the good souls of others and leave this world peaceful. The good use of life is to pay it for one thing that may survive if.......this can be life.....Noting else. 

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  1. True i just thought a line in Marathi
    Loka Devlaat Jaun Suddha Dukanat gelyasarkhe wagtat chaar aath ane Devala deun Kahina kahi Magtat