Out of the life box

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Blindly we all are bound with the traditional methods, orthodox systems even in this digital ocean and this is fixed with our life and mind permanently. Of course, even, our beliefs as we are Hindu, Jain, Buddha, Parsi, Muslim, Sikh or Cristian and bla....bla...bla....... Meaningless adhere to such belief is just an escape from life, escape from all our travails and miseries, sorrows, joy, elation and therefore life is not worthy. Main reason is that we don't want to change it, we don't want to re-think on it. We are not ready to re-think to change it; it itself shows that we are coward. Every aspect of life is changing now, then why such stupid orthodox systems?? Why are not we face to changing the same? Everyone supposed to his/her tradition or living system is greater and better than others, if it is true, where is peace, why such throat cut competition? why such anger in the world? Are we free of ambition, freed, envy and the desire to achieve success in every field? If not, we are just playing a game with our mind and life. 

The beauty of life, the high quality of the life should be purely religious. For this, first be a total human being and then whatever you create or whatever you do will be beautiful. But first there must be human being. Human being in the sense, the total understanding of life, death, love, nature, healthy relationship, basic social responsibilities, mercy on animals. All that's implied in living and the expression of that relationship should be whole and healthy. Start with this feeling of great humility. Our life one of the most powerful tool humankind has at hand. But it needs to be used in moderation, as an instrument for solving problems. Actually, we live the rest of our time inhabiting reality. Social reforms are necessary to survive in the world, to get ahead and to stay alive. But as we are not fully interconnected with our life, thoughts and our social reforms exhaust the mind by not allowing us to enjoy the world and life as well. We don't have to be anything more than what we are nor to feel a thing other than what we presently feel. We are yet to dare to surrender to just being ourselves, because the ego of surrender at every aspect is the main problem. The heavy thoughts we hold of ourselves in our life. Further, we hold an image of ourselves of what we have been told we are or should be. There is no proper interconnection between our mind and the way of life. The integrity of mind and life is far away from our concept, therefore, the life deny that we are universe, just as a mountain, a river, as a forest or a cloud. It is necessary to change the way of life and reality for living in the present. It can be happened only when we will be able to explain the characteristic sense of life. Life until we can transform ourselves into it unless we not speak with our mind and codifying life. It is not only what happens outside of us, but what goes on inside too. For perfect codifying we must have surrender to just being ourselves with integrity. Just leave the ego and the idea of self. 

We all are living with a heavy image just to show to others, but, what is the exact benefit of it and who cares in this digital ocean. No one will recollect you deeply after you pass away. But all our education systems and social teachings told to be powerful. But no education system or social moral teach the way of life. Teaching about universe in syllabus may be part of curriculum, But, no education yet teach us that we are the universe, just as is a river, a galaxy or a cloud and mountains, trees etc. Life must have to be in the place that we feel universe that we feel is here and now. The glory of life should be reflected through our eyes itself. Understanding life is not so simple and easy way. If you don't know what to do for better knowing to life, you needs to observe it just like music. We listen to music until we eventually understand it, not in word but in another way. The point is simply 'music' until we become music. In the same way, life acquires a sensibility. We observe life until we can transform ourselves into it. It is not require thinking so deeply and codifying life; just live it, feel and enjoy it till leaf out from life book; nothing else.