Love of Life

What we understand about love. What is the philosophy of love? No one on earth who did not love. Love is one of the most powerful of force on earth and it has power of attraction. Actually, love gives inner strength. Love is just like a glue that binds together. I strongly believe that love is gives meaning and purpose to a life. 

There are many different kind of relationships that we can talk about as love, the love between parents and child, the one between brothers and sisters, friendship. Apparently, it can be so many things. Particularly, when we think of love, romantic love of couple comes to mind first. Now undoubtedly love is personal in many ways. We many speak about something as personal in the sense that it is connected with our lives. Here, we are speaking about what is personal in a moral sense.

But, there is another type of love which is par above of every love that is LOVE OF SELF, which denotes the LOVE OF LIFE. This love is really magical. This is purest from of love. Unfortunately, no one thinks of this love. Everyone loves to others, but never try to love of self. Love of life, as you think is not so easy. This is most complicated. Most of the people think - what type of love is this? Why it is so complicated? Love of life based on compassion, affection and kindness. Therefore, it is essential to learn the true meaning of love of life. It is purely communication with yourself.

Just, look everywhere and all the time pay attention to what you attract. If you don"t know how to find love within you, you will never find it outside. 

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